Life Is What You Make It Just Do You!
The Journey

Your life’s journey is a guarantee
The destination is a question
My life is about me
Your time in it is part of my lesson
The journey is not all about fun
The hard part for me?
Choosing my +1
My life is valuable My heart IS NOT your career’s cornerstone
Men like that are why I’m alone
No longer looking for potential
I want the man that is
I need a man who will play his part
Some day I know he’ll come
To claim my heart
Then the real work will begin
Him me together?
There’s nothing we can’t win
I’ll see it when he looks into my eyes
There’s no question
Yes! I’m the prize
From then on the journey will be not where are we going
But how long we’ll be gone

The journey

A Semi-Long Walk

I’m walking, yes I know the destination to this journey, I was thinking about history. Slavery is something that has existed almost as long as the time fire was stolen. Okay that’s a literary joke. Look it up. But there is no reason in The United States, or anywhere really, in 2013 for people to hate others for being different. There is no need to deny the fact that many slaves took on the names of their masters. So there are many Black Americans who carry the blood of their masters & many more who carry the name.

Know what I hate? That even now Black Americans segregate themselves because of it. We hate each other & we hate other cultures because of it. Let that go. Stop giving fuel to those who hate you back. God is Love. So that’s where I live. Beautifully designed by Him. Love y’all!

You can’t fake it
That man missed his chance
He thought he had my heart
He thought he sealed it with that dance
The answer is NO
He’s not you
He doesn’t have any power for me
I don’t care how many lies he tells
He try to force his way back into my life
Decades ago he made a choice
I cut him off
He will NEVER again hear my voice
If I cross the line it will be with you
If I sail the seas it will be with you
My American boy & I are the same
I take matrimony seriously
When I do it for the first time
It will be just him & me
Until I find a man who will take
His vows as sacredly as I will

I thought of you today
I searched for song that make me think of you
Smiled & hit play
When I think of all the distance
My heart starts to sink
Maybe you’re closer than I know
Closer than I think
I let go I know I did
I moved on
I’m ready
Mentally preparing myself
For life without you
I refuse to settle
For a Love that’s less than I deserve

Love’s Light

It seems like forever

Since you & I have been together 
You may be gone, but I can’t forget you

Not gonna take over my mind

I ain’t gonna let you

I haven’t heard your voice in about 400 days

I’m feeling all sorts of things

Have we really gone our separate ways

You have taken all that I have 

Almost took my life

In spite of all I gave

I wanted to be your wife

I have to keep moving because my world is bigger than you 

The Love was deep 

I think I gave my soul to you

But fun was what you wanted 

I waited & am chaste

Oh, yes we did happen fast 

If you’ve moved on 
That’s okay

The memories will last

It’s supposed to be you that reflects me

You’re supposed to protect my heart
Not be its worst enemy

We’ve hurt each other deeply
is the divide too big to get across

We gambled with Love

It seems we may have lost 

Other men chase

They try to block you & I 

I don’t know what to think

Because of all the lies

I know you were doubtful

I was too, with good cause 

Too many people in our relationship
It should’ve been just me & you

All theses people trying to break us up

God has sent us messages

I think He wants to wake us up!

Time will tell 
God may send me a greater Love

I refuse to accept those unworthy 

I won’t accept Love’s impostors 

I’m sending you my heart in roses
Sent on the wings of a dove

I’m waiting for my Solomon

You can call me Sheba

Though I’ll stay

I’ll be his ONLY woman

To Love we’ll both be slaves

I don’t want him writing sad songs After I walk away
Because royalty knows no limits

The bells are ringing

I’ve lost my slipper

It’s midnight in the garden

I didn’t run from all the evil

My heart’s light is bright enough

To protect me & say I have no equal
Loves flames are eternal

My heart provides the oil

My lamp stays put & does not chase
Follow the light

I have the key to set you free

I am no man’s property
You have to see the TRUE value in me
Writing this with Love


from me


Nossas almas vão viajar juntos
Наши души будут путешествовать вместе

Animis nostris iam unum

One more thing, there can be no jealousy where there is no Love. Don’t be jealous. Use that energy to create a better life for yourself. God didn’t create you for your joy to be broken or stolen. That is all. Carry on! 0;-P

I would like to thank my REAL TRUE friends old & new for trying to protect me from predators I never knew I had. I keep going because of you. I LOVE you all. Gotta go cry now, sometimes y’all touch me at just the right time. I will KEEP my high standards. Anyone who puts my life in danger is not IN LOVE with me or my friend. If someone loses something because of something illegal, immoral, or unethical THEY did to you STICK to YOUR standards. You did nothing wrong for telling the truth & trying to live your life the right way. Their failings are NOT yours. I say NO because of you too. Be blessed.

Love Yourself - Ignore Ignorance <3

Today I was compelled to write a to y’all about eating disorders.  It is known that you can PERMANENTLY damage your internal organs by taking too many laxatives. Don’t do it on a regular basis. The good thing is that it would take years of abuse to do any real damage.  *Though I would also say you should be careful of abuse by people who work in kitchens at restaurants and think its funny to put it in your food. Especially if you already have a sensitive stomach - Some young people these days have a hard time thinking things through & have a hard time discerning reality from fantasy. That’s a different story back to what I wanted to say.*  

I know that sometimes people can make you feel little. Well okay sometimes they try their darndest. Most people like that make you feel that way have issues themselves.  Today I learned about Lucretia. Her story was heart breaking. That story gives you the fuel that you need to FIGHT to LOVE yourself.  Don’t let some self-hating HYPOCRITE tell you you don’t Love yourself.  They are so busy hating themselves & trying to mess you up the same way they messed themselves up that they don’t know the first thing about who you are.  I say to you be strong. Remove yourself from those people.  If you are being abused, bullied, shunned, talked about, have been abused, lied to, lied on, cheated on, raped, etc ITS NOT YOUR FAULT! The problem is not you. You may also want to draw on the story of St. Anthony. He was tormented by demons while in the wilderness trying to do God’s work.  I would say if you are relentlessly pursued by people who have nothing better to do than to try to make you feel little to make themselves feel better. Pray and read about some of the other people of the church.  I also learned about the legend of Pope Joan, but that doesn’t really fit into what I’m trying to say.

If you see your rapists face everyday you can tell them NO I won’t let you intimidate me.  You may make me uncomfortable for a time being, but you don’t run anything here! Tell them who you are! I AM A CHILD OF GOD! I am more powerful than ANY hateful plan you have. My Heavenly Father wrote me a Love letter. 1 John 4:4 “You, dear children,are from God and have overcome them,because the one who is in youis greater than the one who is in the world.”

So I would say keep praying. Stay covered in God’s armor. Read the Bible. Tell your haters that they are only showing you how small they are in their own eyes because they are trying to pull you down. You only seem so big to them or sit so “high on your horse” because you are fortified with the Love & power of God.

No long drawn out post today babies. I only had an hour, but know that if no one else Loves you God does and I do. Be blessed.

Take Care World,


Perfect Justice

My LOVE I saw your face today 

Started dreaming and got lost

You and I were meant to be together

Seems like at any cost

I can’t focus 

The things people have done  

To seperate us are inhumane and unjust

God made mankind from clay with His hands

He made you. He made me.

By His will there is always an us.

Any message. Any sign. Any road. Leads me to you.

There may be others who think they have a chance

They don’t. I won’t. Because all I see is you. 

They reach. They offend. 

I refuse. Write YOU a Love letter. 

Kiss the screen and hit send. 

You are me. I am we. 

God’s perfect Love.

A dream come true. 

Nothing Can Seperate You From Me, Us, We

LOL…. It seems there is only one person who is able to break my focus. Once I see you I will be able to focus again. 

Okay people. My phone was stolen so no pics of me, but I can still write. BOY do I have a story to tell. Just wait until I get a new phone/camera. Haters can’t stop me. Be blessed.

In a great mood because tomorrow is my birfday! 35. What plans did you have for your age? Did you reach them? Are you close? Did they change?

There is no beginning
There is no end
The blood speaks
That is a fight the devil CANNOT win
See what God has shown you through Jesus & believe

Inspired by church this morning.

I Hate To Say I Love You

I remember when all I had was time
Our connection was so intimate
My thoughts were yours
Both thinking with one mind
I hear you in my dreams
I see you with God’s eyes
This thing has no limits
Not destroyed by jealous lies
Real LOVE is like the universe
I don’t know what I’m doing anymore
I just want to look in your eyes
I don’t get how much I can hate you
But think Love & you
Leave silently & cry
I have to be a fool
I keep asking
Is it worth it in the end
I miss my equal, my one
My soulmate, best friend
If I could I’d say I LOVE You
I’ll settle for letting you know
When I pray I feel not two hands
Clasped, but four
Until then
Love me

Eu te vejo eu me ver

Oh boy. I wasn’t expecting to feel like this today. Tomorrow it may change. LOL. I was inspired today. You know how it is!

2008/9 was THE END. Unhealthy relationships no more. Wait. Then there was 2010.  Oh yeah. Then there was 2011.  Get the point?  Learn the lesson and MOVE ON! No unnecessary drama needed or wanted here.  Gotta go y’all. Be blessed & pray for somebody.

I want Black people to see that as a community we exhibit the symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome. Taking on the practices of our captors & pressing ourselves. The few who manage to get out are attacked by their own. The attacked, in turn, have to find protection where they can. We need to stop th crabs in a barrel mentality. I think I need to find this book: Slave Breeding: Sex, Violence, and Memory in African American History by Gregory D. Smithers