Life Is What You Make It Just Do You!
I Don’t Know Why

In your quest for money & fame
From all your attempts to make me lame
Something happened
In all your attempts to make me cry
A little voice whispers don’t live that lie
Something happened
& I don’t know why
But I can’t give you the forgiveness you seek
Read Matthew Chapter 5
Blessed are the meek
That doesn’t mean I don’t like nice things
It means I don’t find my value in cars & rings
I value unconditional Love
& I don’t know why
You can’t tear down what God has beautifully made
Keep up all the hatred
I welcome your shade
In the midst of all that
Something happened
It doesn’t matter how
It doesn’t matter when
The light was reintroduced into my life
Someday that man will ask me to be his wife
I’ll accept
Its God made
As mysterious as the 7th wonder
Read your spiritual book
Let no man put asunder
I hope we get away from all the trouble you like
So we can live our life (singular) happy
Its gonna work
It already is
I’m sorry about your plan
But something happened
& I don’t know why

the woman who does not require validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet. -mohadesa najumi
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The Spirit On The Water

You carried me when I didn’t know I was in need
You protected me from shameless greed
As I look back to see where I’ve been
I know I can’t hide from men & their sins
I know
God created us
In the name of We
Made in his spirit
From his breath,
The wind
Moving over the sea.
Forever, wherever, however,
Refusing to give it up
You, Me, We

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I’ve been watching most interesting lightning storm for about 20 mins. No rain. No thunder. Just lots of lightning. This is actually after it calmed down some. Beautiful.

Girl power!

Abuse Is Never Ok

A woman who has grown up in an abusive environment does not knowingly get into or stay in an abusive relationship. A man who grows up in an abusive environment is more likely to become an abuser. Abusers think its ok to treat you badly, but if you ever find the strength to stand up to them they apologize & promise never to do it again. That is until the next time it happens. If you ever go public, like to the police, or leave depending on how connected he is he will use all of his power to demonize you & portray himself as the victim. His family sees nothing wrong with the way he treats you because they created him. Your family Loves you , but won’t help because they are either suffering themselves or its “not their business.” Speak the truth. Don’t let a monster take over any more of your life than they already have. Speak up, speak out, & reveal the monster trying to destroy you because you unveiled who he truly is. Your babies are watching. If he doesn’t beat them too, y ‘all are teaching them this behavior is ok. Any man who wants to destroy you because he can’t have you isn’t a man. He’s a monster.


That awkward moment when you think you’re getting a phone number and you get something else.


That awkward moment when you think you’re getting a phone number and you get something else.


This Valentine’s Day, fight for love. ENDLESS LOVE starring Alex Pettyfer and Gabriella Wilde.

Looks dreamy. Yep. Still will burn it All the way down! Wanna be your girl. So single.

The smile of a savage? The Originals returns TONIGHT at 8/7c on The CW!


The smile of a savage? The Originals returns TONIGHT at 8/7c on The CW!

Hey World!

Hey World!


So here I am with a decision to make. I could go to the doctor & have tests run. The last time I did that they couldn’t process it because there wasn’t enough of it. 6 vials and there wasn’t enough. Somebody did something with it . Now let me tell you about my apprehension. The medical community has been experimenting on me foe the past10, actually 20, years without my consent or knowledge. When I was an employed person with medical insurance I had numerous doctors lie to me about medical issues and refused to treat me. I insisted on treatment & got better. I also had people try to mix up medical records to give me illnesses I didn’t have. Some fools even tried to say I had HIV/AIDS because they paid people to inject me with heroin & LSD in an attempt to kill me by overdose. After reading the immortal life of Henrietta Lacks and my own personal experiences would you give up your blood? Oh yeah, they want me to go to the hospital they sent JFK. (Be Baptist or I’ll kill you & make sure you don’t have kids if you do live.) Its hard for me to trust doctors. They can switch blood tests & make up anything they want. This is the real reason no one will hire me. They don’t want me to have medical insurance. They want me to die here. My family was ok with all of this. I refuse to die. God obviously has other plans. And I refuse to let them give me someone else’s medical problems. The medical comminity has made enough money off me. ****** Oh yeah. He said he was going to a job interview at Johns Hopkins. Has new meaning now. Lots of people disappearing. Read the book****** It literally is dangerous to be me. If my family, those who want to be me, the government, abusive men looking to control me, or those who hate me, don’t kill me first, maybe the doctors will. I have to meditate on that one. Pray for me y’all. They’ve been planning this for a while. I am not your medical experiment. I am a human being with rights & feelings. This is a big exercise on trust.


Young Katherine Dunham and her brother, Albert Dunham Jr., ca. 1920. (Missouri Historical Society Photographs and Prints Collection)


Young Katherine Dunham and her brother, Albert Dunham Jr., ca. 1920. 
(Missouri Historical Society Photographs and Prints Collection)

My Daily Prayer

I thought I’d bring this back today. I need it. Sometimes the wrong people trying to attach to you can feel like an evil spirit. The incubus rears its ugly head again. What I was studying yesterday makes more sense. Let me tell you mental illness is no excuse for certain behaviors. Some people belong in a facility for life. Medication doesn’t help everyone. There are people who have issues & there are the criminally insane. Those who are a danger to society & themselves. I’ve tried not to engage these sick people, but they insist in attaching to me. Pray for me y’all. Some people are so sick they don’t know it. This to sound mean, but I have crazy people problems. I’m not talking about depression, anxiety, etc, some of which are situational. I’m talking about the kind of sick that will have a man & his family saying your meant to be together. I try to ignore them, but they won’t go away that’s how I ended up homeless. Since they couldn’t get up to my level they tried to bring me down to theirs. The only option I have now is to leave Dallas. That is a big problem that needs to be solved in big way. Quick. Fast. In a hurry. Running from crazy ~ Mariel Hemingway

Dear God: Please bless & protect those that bless & protect me (& their families/Loved ones). Thank you for sending them. Be a fence from those that wish to kidnap me ( I need to take that off. I don’t have to go anywhere I don’t want to. They can have as many people watch for opportunities as they want I’m gonna start taking pictures names are not enough. They could be aliases anyway. A strong, smart, stubborn, outspoken American woman who doesn’t take any mess isn’t a very good target!) & do me harm. Send provision. Continue to provide the strength, courage, & wisdom needed for the path I’m on. I ask for continued understanding to see things from more than my own perspective. I also ask for clarity to see things as they really are, not through my emotions. Increase my discernment. Heal the broken hearts, especially those who want to harm others, of all negative emotions & fill those spaces with Love, joy, & compassion so they can experience REAL happiness.
Lord I know there are things I don’t understand. There is pain people go through they don’t know how to deal with. I ask you to give them the strength to be able to handle it in a healthy, productive, & constructive manner. Please provide safe shelter for me while I’m on my way through to the life of promise ahead of me. Show me the way. Dismantle chaos where there should be peace. In the Lord’s name I pray. Some of my prayers will remain between you & I God. I’ll keep it that way.
Protect the good in all my family. Be a fence from evil meant to undo all the good we’ve created.
Restore all that was stolen. Plus some. This is going to be a good day, week, year, month, life (long & happy). I’m claiming it. You should too. Amen.
Please get through to the minds of those former relationships I’ve told no. I mean it. Please protect me from them.
En el nombre del Padre, el Hijo, y el Espiritu Santo. AMEN. Si lo bueno del mundo es unido el diablo no puede ganar. Con todo de mi corazon. Buen Dia!
P.P.P.S. What you look like is only an indication. Race & nationality have NOTHING to do with it. Sometimes I have to watch you first. (I have to admit I’m VERY cautious around those who have done the most harm, & those who look like them. Once I know they’re gone. I won’t have to be so cautious.) Its ugly SPIRITED people I want to stay away from me. 0:-)
All those people can be draining. LOL. If too many with bad intentions are around. :O